About Us
The Kentucky Area Paranormal Society is comprised of individuals who have a common passion for exploring and discovering the unknown. The mission of KAPS is to find out the truth about the paranormal, to share it with the public in an effort to educate and enlighten, and to further the science of detection and analysis of potential evidence of paranormal activity. In everything KAPS does, helping others is the main emphasis in our work. Investigations are done for private residences, public buildings, paranormal "hot spots", and any other location where our services are required. No matter when, and no matter where, KAPS NEVER charges a fee for their services.

Tom was just a regular guy that stumbled into the paranormal field by virtue of a photograph!! After seeing an apparition in a casual picture taken at a wedding reception, he determined to find out what's really the truth concerning paranormal activity. Armed with a digital recorder, a monocular night-vision camera, and two flashlights ,he embarked on a journey that continues to this day. The formation of KAPS in 2006 was a result of a desire to incorporate those who have a like-minded interest in seeking out evidence in a scientific fashion, and sharing their findings with everyone. Today, KAPS has a complete array of equipment to do investigations, has incorporated a website and is an integral part in the formation of a paranormal radio network!! All of this has been created with one mission in share and allow others to share in the wonderful world of the unknown.

Future Plans
The future holds bright promise for KAPS. KAPS will seek to broaden their horizons by utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment in their investigations, and also finding new venues where paranormal activities occur. KAPS will not only be covering the Kentucky area in search of activity, but also will be traveling across the United States and globally to see what's out there!!